Windows Far Away, Inner Sound

(2018) Telematic video-text-performance by Laura Mello with Camila Zerbinatti (BR), Sérgio Abdalla (BR), Karen Werner (US), Renata Roman (BR), Mariana Carvalho (BR), Bella (BR), Mirian Steinberg (BR), Anna Tskhorebov (US), Alejandro Jaramillo (CO), Daniel de la Vega (MX)

In a silent room, skype video-calls are projected on the wall. During INNER SOUNDSCAPES FAR AWAY, 10 artists from the American continent are invited to share their window views through skype and type in realtime a description of the corresponding soundscape. For that, each artist has its time slot. The work opens a space for individual ways of expressing the perception of sound using the means of language (words, syllables, phonemes) and the possibilities of the medium (skype video-chat), as well as invites the audience to “listen with the eyes”, stimulating the so-called inner ear and visual/aural connections in the brain.

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