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26.06.20 @ Errant Sound

Andrei Cucu for AARC#1-TORTU

┬ę Andrei Cucu

1. AARC#1 ÔÇö TORTU  is a three-day exhibition at Errant Sound combined with an event with performances and presentations at Apartment Project

Artists: Emre Biri┼čmen, Andrei Cucu, Melih Sar─▒g├Âl & Laura Mello, Oliver M├Âst, ├ľzlem Sar─▒y─▒ld─▒z & Bora Yediel, ├çi─čdem ├ť├ž├╝nc├╝ & Steffi Weismann


Panel 3 @ Heroines of Sound

Today we had an exciting panel about Gender and Music in Latin America, with (from left to right) Tatjana Heumann, AGF, Maria del Rosario Cardona and Paula Schopf. Ale Hop was behind the camera and joined us later too. More coming soon…

Panel @ Heroines of Sound


Today I met (from right to left) Sabine Sanio, Annesley Black and Alain Franco in the panel about breaking tabus and crossing borders as aesthetical strategies.

30.06.18 @ Taxispalais Kunsthalle Innsbruck

Taking part at Nicholas Bussmann┬┤s solo show

Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tyrol Innsbruck
1.7. 15.00-18:00
Sandbox game with Nicholas Bussmann, Philippe Cerf,
Lucile Desamory, Yusuf Erg├╝n, Michael Guggenheim, Margareth Kammerer,
Rudi Katholnig, Rico Lee, Laura Mello, Eduard Mont de Palol,
Konstantin Schimanowski, Simone Sch├Ânett,
Aaron Snyder and Helga Utz