Audiovisual with Nicolas Wiese @ Theater im Delphi

The Label Corvo records is celebrating 10 years (which launched my vinyl Ringing Still Life) and I had a musical blind date: I┬┤ve composed an electroacoustic piece to a graphic score by a composer whose name I don┬┤t know!

timeless 10 – Festival 10 years Corvo Records
@ Theater im Delphi | Gustav-Adolph-Stra├če 2 13086
Day 1 – 12.09.20 19:00
Audiovisual works by Nicolas Wiese, Audrey Chen, Isabelle Duthoit, Neo H├╝lcker, Joke Lanz, Martyna Poznanska, Robin Hayward, Korhan Erel, Laura Mello, Magda Mayas & Tony Buck, Kusum Normoyle, Jonas Kocher, Greta Christensen & Camilla S├Şrensen, Alessandra Eramo
Day 2 – 13.09.20 19:00
Live concert by Maria Iorio & Rapha├źl Cuomo, Maria Iorio, Rapha├źl Cuomo, Alessandra Eramo, Dr. Cornelia Lund, Gilles Aubry & Abdeljalil Saouli, Elena Kakaliagou/ Ingrid Schmoliner