Living Radio 2015


3-part Live-Audio-Guide-Intervention and Live-Radio Show: Two actors investigate the area in Museumsquartier – Vienna, and speak their observations, impressions, fantasies into wireless microphones. The material from this live Audio Guide will be combined live with sound composed by Laura Mello (Artist-in-Residence in Quartier 21 curated by Tonspur) and broadcasted live on Orange 94.0 ( within the radio series from the viennese Radia collective. You can listen to it on spot using your smartphone with VHF radio or worldwide via internet radio.

16:00 –16:30 (GMT +2) – Living Radio 2015 Part 1
17:30 –18:30 (GMT +2) – Living Radio 2015 Part 2
21:00 –22:00 (GMT +2) – Living Radio 2015 Part 3

Plakat quartier21 aug 2015


Living Radio Plakat © Mello/Paul



Theußl / Cortese ©Sabine Groschub
Transmission cabine ©Sabine Groschub
Christoph Theußl ©Sabine Groschub