WWWBT @ f:p podcast episode 04

Big thanks to Tatiana Heuman for including an excerpt of my composition “When Will We Be Together”, made for the Grand Prix D´Amour in 2009, in this great edition of f:p podcast full of wonderful music by latin american women, including the moderator herself.

27.01.18 – Windows far away: inner sound

São Paulo – BR by Mariana Carvalho

São Paulo by Mirian Steinberg

MA, US by Karen Werner

as part of transmediale Vorspiel 2018 – Fernblick

27.01.18 18:00 – 22:00

@ Errant Sound – Kollwitzstrasse 97 Weiterlesen

29.12.17 00:05 @ Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Singing Yesterday´s News Again


By Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Nicholas Bussmann

With the Cottbusser Chor: Laura Mello, Lucille Desamory, Margarete Kammerer, Aaron Snyder, Eduard Mont de Palol, Rico Repotente, Yusuf Ergün

Me and Nicholas Bussmann @ Deutschlandfunk Studio in Savvy Contemporary

On the night from 28th to 29th of december (29.12.17 00:05) on Deutschlandfunk Kultur and worlwide on the internet. Weiterlesen

21.09.17 @ Paraflows Wien – Piano Body Logic Visual

© C. Profanter

Piano Logic Body Visual ist eine Performance für Klavierspielerin, 4-Kanal Elektronik und live-Video, eine kontinuierliche Recherche von der Performerin Laura Mello, wo die visuelle Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers als Impuls für die Komposition für Klavier, Stimme und Elektronik verwendet wird.

21.09.17 @ Garnisongasse 7 1090 Wien

26.08.17 19:00 – 20:00 @ Datscha Radio


If you missed it: you can listen to the recording on soundcloud. See also some pictures below.

Living Radio goes Datscha Radio 2017

Living Radio is an unconventional audio guide, a live Hörspiel, a mixture of reality and imagination, where the visual is filtered through the aural. (in the following languages: PT-BR, DE, EN, ES)

Living Radio is an ongoing project by Laura Mello. The artist investigates the area around the Datscha, and speaks her observations, impressions, fantasies into a (wireless) microphone. In this version for Datscha Radio, the material from this live Audio Guide is combined live with Lauras pre-produced and live-processed sounds.