Living Radio Hier und Jetzt

Living Radio
Foto: Laura Mello
Montage: Frank Paul Schicke

Living Radio is an open form of live radio theater, produced and transmitted at the same time on the radio. The content is given by the environment and circumstances while the score specifies the actor´s approach. In her/his speech, the actor transmits how she/he looks at the environment: if he is focussing on an image (a scenary description), on an action that is happening just now, with or without own opinions and interpretations, giving or not adjectives, explaining, being objective or dreaming about what she/he sees.

In the score of Living Radio, the human voice is used as musical material. Indications related to musical aspects like tempo and range are explored and notated in the timeline.

The third level of the piece is the sound: there are pre-produced sound clips which are processed live, so it is partly controlled, partly random in its relation to the actor´s speech. On the other hand, the sound also interacts with the soundscape that surrounds the actors: these three levels – voice, soundscape, sound – are produced and transmitted live on the radio (internet or VHS).

Living Radio Editions until now:

Living Radio on Datscha Radio 2017

Pocket version, pre-recorded.

Living Radio Hier und Jetzt @ Tonspur für einen öffentlichen Raum 2015

Two actors investigate the area in Museumsquartier – Vienna, and speak their observations, impressions, fantasies into wireless microphones. The material from this live Audio Guide will be combined live with sound composed by Laura Mello and broadcasted live on Orange 94.0 ( within the radio series from the viennese Radia collectiv. You can listen to it on spot using your smartphone with VHF radio or worldwide via internet.

Concept, Composition: Laura Mello  /  Actors: Roberta Cortese, Christoph Theußl  /  Sound direction: Wolfgang Musil  /  Organisation: Tonspur (Georg Weckwerth)  /  Realisation: Orange 94.0  /  Partner: Ö1 Kunstradio, Radia

For more info:

Living Radio live Audioguide Intervention @ Museumsquartier Vienna on Orange 94.0

Living Radio R-Edition #1 on Ö1 Kunstradio