Residue Noise / Language Dynamics with Melih Sarıgöl @ AARC#1 TORTU


A whistle, a signal. Have you heard it?

History has teached us that signals are always there, and that they are loud enough. Why is it that some people, although fully able to listen, do not even pay attention to the sound residues of racism? Of which matter is the noise between the signals and the listeners, among words and among worlds?

1. AARC#1 — TORTU  is a three-day exhibition at Errant Sound combined with an event with performances and presentations at Apartment Project

Artists: Emre Birişmen, Andrei Cucu, Melih Sarıgöl & Laura Mello, Oliver Möst, Özlem Sarıyıldız & Bora Yediel, Çiğdem Üçüncü & Steffi Weismann

showing / exhibition and live performance
26. –  28. June 2020

Exhibition  Friday – Sunday 17-20h 
at Errant Sound, Rungestr. 20,  10179 Berlin-Mitte

Live Presentations only Friday 19:30 – 22h
at Apartment Project, Hertzbergstr. 13, 12055  Berlin-Neukölln

AARC is an experimental artistic solidarity project conceived by Errant Sound and Apartment Project in Berlin. After the racist murders in Hanau, the two groups met to initiate a collaboration between the two project spaces – also as a political statement – by forming the”Artists Against Racism Collaborative (AARC)”.

Due to limited access (Corona rules) we highly recommend to make a reservation, specially for Friday!
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