Composing…Sound Fisherwoman @ Sonic Sound Space

Feb 12 – 20:00 (Einlass 19:30 – only for 30 people) @ Zeitzone Gallery (Adalbertstr. 79 – 10997 – Berlin) and ONLINE

Sound Fisherwoman @ Sonic Sound Space / Costume by Agente Costura

The series Composing for Many Media Including Me is my ongoing Solo Project since 2008. For the next edition, named „Sound Fisherwoman – Pescadora de Sons“, Agente Costura (who is also in the Festival Line-up) and me are working on a new sonic costume.

This performance edition has been supported by the GEMA – Neustart Kultur Stipendium and the Kulturakademie Tarabya Istanbul.

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Please check the FB event site for updated information on tickets and schedule.

Sonic Sound Space (SSS) is a project focused in sonic experiments, sound art and experimental art. In its fourth and special edition, the project brings together 12 experimental artists, from pop to poetry, to give an insight into their current creation.

The project had been organized since 2019 by Laura Leiner (Yellow Castle Label – M.i.p.V). It started on Mai 26.2019, in collaboration with the visual artists and performers Werner Kernebeck and David Braithwaite, at the Neon Kunst Galerie (Berlin-Neukölln), wich is temporarely without musical performances.

The SSS #4 will be an hybrid event, live (with audience, 2G+ or 3G Event) and online/live streaming, broadcasted to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. And our project was selected by Musikfonds Projektförderung in the last round in 2021 (3. Förderrunde 2021)! Thanks to GEMA /Musikfonds / Neustart Kultur / BKM.