01.05.19 @ Acker Stadt Palast
Composing for many media including me for “Fluid Spaces”

01.06.19 @ SAVVY Contemporary
Playing MS-20 with the Kopiergruppe (Cottbusser Chor & Instruments) by Nicholas Bussmann

12.07.19 / 13.07.19 @ Radialsystem V
New DJ-Performance / New piece played by LUX:NM at “Heroines of Sound”

30.06.18 @ Taxispalais Kunsthalle Innsbruck

Taking part at Nicholas Bussmann´s solo show

Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tyrol Innsbruck
1.7. 15.00-18:00
Sandbox game with Nicholas Bussmann, Philippe Cerf,
Lucile Desamory, Yusuf Ergün, Michael Guggenheim, Margareth Kammerer,
Rudi Katholnig, Rico Lee, Laura Mello, Eduard Mont de Palol,
Konstantin Schimanowski, Simone Schönett,
Aaron Snyder and Helga Utz